Well Integrity. Done Well.

Unity is Europe's largest provider of well integrity solutions for the upstream oil and gas industry.

We are experts in ensuring asset longevity, drawing on an extensive technology portfolio and the skills of our talented team.

We can answer the most demanding of integrity challenges and if we don’t have an existing solution to meet your needs then we’ll develop something new.

Our services and technology are designed to reduce the total operational footprint around any project, minimising personnel, travel, time, risk and cost. We reuse our clients’ existing equipment and materials wherever possible and repurpose our stock, minimising manufacturing requirements and unnecessary disposal.

All our products and services are designed to improve performance and lower costs. We deliver quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality every time.

Unity combines:

  • Integrity support services: a full range of wellhead inspection, maintenance and repair; equipment rental, refurbishment, upgrade and recertification.
  • Engineered solutions: unique in-house designed solutions that remediate client specific well and conductor integrity challenges.
  • Technology: innovative products that reduce operating costs, improve performance, extend well life and simplify abandonment.

Our Core Values

The number one

We want to be the best for our customers - their favourite service provider. We will continue to innovate across our technology and services portfolio to help extend the life of our customers’ assets.

A single point

It won’t matter whose equipment our customers use, we’ll work on it, providing better service than any original manufacturer, organising everything so the customer doesn’t have to.


We’ll work together to make sure that everything gets done, going out of our way to be helpful with each other, our service providers and especially our customers.