Introducing our new Compact VR Tool (CVR)

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Wellhead maintenance in tight spaces and narrow well bays is a common challenge, which can impact on the cost of a project if access to equipment proves difficult. We know that the choice of available equipment options to meet this challenge is limited, so Unity has developed an exciting new compact valve removal solution.

The CVR has been designed to set and remove VR plugs through multiple valves, using short, easy to handle, 10” rods. The tool is used to set a plug to isolate the valves so they can be removed, replaced, or repaired. The tool has an industry leading torque capability of 1200 lb/ft and has the option of safely operating at these torques with standard hydraulic torque equipment. It is also incredibly versatile with different flanges and sockets available to suit any job.

Our CVR tool is a cost-effective solution compared to alternative compact VR tools, and can be operated by our wellhead technicians, further saving on POB and cost of the overall wellhead repair.

The tool is available to rent from Unity, please get in touch with our team to find out more about our compact solutions and how we can help with your well integrity challenges on.

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