SIS Achieves a 70% cost reduction in the removal of offshore Christmas trees.

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Combining industry leading technology with full-service integrity expertise is enabling Unity to deliver a highly impressive 70% cost reduction in the removal or replacement of offshore Christmas trees compared to a wireline rig-up.

Using Unity‚Äôs compact Surface Intervention System (SIS) combined with Interwell’s shallow retrievable plugs and barrier verification system (BVS), each job is rapid and highly efficient. We need just three technicians to manage the entire scope of work, including plug deployment/retrieval and tree removal/replacement, with a typical job taking around three 12-hour shifts. This greatly reduces POB requirements, logistics and costs and is another example of how collaborative industry working can deliver great solutions.

To find out more about our innovative Surface Intervention System and our wide range of project management and integrity services, please visit or get in touch with our technical sales team on

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