Engineered Solutions


Complementary to our proprietary technology and product ranges, we also offer specialist design engineering to meet individual client requirements.

We are often approached by our clients to solve a specific well integrity challenge. This may be anything from excessive conductor movement to leaking tie-down bolts and will require a company that can think outside the box and not be constrained by conventional approaches or existing ‘off-the-shelf’ technology.

Our Solutions

Our impressive history in engineering excellence, combined with a significant depth of real oilfield experience, knowledge and understanding, means that we can solve these challenges creatively and cost-effectively. This puts our clients ahead of the game and delivers value solutions that last well into the future.

In addition to engineered solutions for individual cases, we can also draw upon our existing bank of technology products, which are already successfully proven, and adapt them for new applications. This flexible approach ensures our clients receive the most suitable, lasting, fit-for-purpose solutions at the most cost-effective price.