Onshore Services


Onshore Services Overview

Unity are proactive in maintaining, repairing and refurbishing client assets and delivering a comprehensive management service which encompasses asset monitoring, storage and inventory.

Our large warehouse facilities employ experienced personnel, established systems and effective technology to ensure we are in control of the inventory and materials trusted upon us by our clients.

For equipment repairs which cannot be completed at the wellsite by our field technicians, they can be sent to our workshop for redress and recertification and returned to site quickly, as part of an accelerated service.

Repair & Refurbishment

Our fully equipped workshop allows us to provide the following services.

  • Maintenance, repair, refurbishment and repurposing of wellheads, xmas trees and associated components.
  • Maintenance, repair, refurbishment and repurposing of well service and well intervention related equipment and associated components.
  • Assembly, function testing and pressure testing of new wellheads and xmas trees.
  • Wellhead and xmas tree stack-up testing and functioning.
  • Disassembly, cleaning, inspection, measurement, servicing, reassembly and testing of equipment from the field.

Testing & Recertification

Unity are experts in testing and recertification of all types of original manufacture equipment. Our service provides a cost effective and sustainable solution to our clients, and is carried out in accordance with all recognised industry standards.

Equipment covered includes:

  • Wellheads and Xmas trees.
  • Pressure control equipment, PCE.
  • Well completions running and retrieval tools.
  • Chicksan.
  • Intervention equipment.
  • Valves and actuators.
  • Control panels.
  • High pressure pumps.