QV Conductor Integrity


QV Conductor Integrity Overview

Unity engineers a range of robust, cost effective and versatile clamps to ensure the integrity of offshore oil and gas wells around the world. These clamps are used to repair damaged conductors and support wellheads with weakened casing in harsh conditions. For example, corrosion, buckling or seabed subsidence can cause the well to sag or drop, creating the need to stabilise the well and support its load. In other cases, excessive lateral movement can make the well unstable. Conductor guides can rub against the conductor causing the metal to wear thin and eventually crack or split and conductor connectors can be damaged from the expansion and contraction of the well over its lifetime. This strain can cause conductors to part if not addressed, potentially exposing the inner casing strings to seawater, leading to corrosion damage.

Unity’s solutions can reduce the cost of wellhead and conductor repair by over £500,000 by mitigating the need for conductor replacement. Operations to install our solutions usually take days as opposed to weeks or even months in some cases, providing additional savings in crew and equipment costs.

QV Conductor Integrity Benefits

  • Cost Savings – Save hundreds of thousands of pounds on complex structural repairs.
  • Increased Performance – Extends the lifespan and capacity of existing well infrastructure.
  • Reduced Downtime – Downtime and manufacture lead times significantly reduced when compared with replacing parts of inner casing strings or conductor.
  • Mitigates Against Failure – Prevents further damage, and the costs associated with failure and high potential safety incidents.