QV Remote Monitoring


QV Remote Monitoring Overview

Asset Maintenance

  • Smart sensors retrofitted reporting critical operational variables that show abnormal conditions preceding failures
  • Operators can plan and dispatch staff for inspection and maintenance before severe breakdowns occur, to minimise production downtime and optimise planned maintenance scopes

Hazard Management and Worker Safety

  • Gas and toxic vapor sensors monitor for equipment failures conducive to explosions or marine oil spills

Conversion of Manned Installations to Unmanned Installations

  • QV remote monitoring system is ideally placed to support the growing trend in conversion of manned platforms to unmanned platforms. Strategically placed sensors around the platform will provide onshore personnel with accurate, real-time operational status

Facility Management

  • Analysis of diverse data on platform structures (e.g. pressure, temperature, strain, vibration, etc.) and external weather conditions allow for reliable assessment of the platform integrity to early diagnose any structural damages

Regulatory Compliance

  • Both live and historic data documented and used to confirm regulatory adherence

Action Tracking & Trend Patterns

  • Remote monitoring can identify and log actions/changes in state of critical equipment and trending can provide accurate timelines of such events

QV Remote Monitoring Benefits

  • Reduced P.O.B – Less reliance on manual performance monitoring
  • Early detection – reduces unscheduled maintenance trips
  • Ability to plan upfront – Wealth of information leads to better maintenance planning
  • Increased production
  • Reduction in severity of well integrity issues – real-time monitoring and trending allows for early intervention
  • Easily retrofittable – wireless sensors reduce installation costs significantly

UniLogger Overview

Forming part of unity’s remote monitoring suite, the UniLogger is a portable programmable logic controller (plc) based datalogger designed specifically for well integrity testing activities. The UniLogger monitors and records pressure and flow data associated with well integrity testing and significantly streamlines the reporting process.

Unity has developed the battery powered, plc-based UniLogger system to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved during well integrity testing. The UniLogger control system is modular in design allowing up to 12 sensors to be connected at any one time. Multiple operator control tablets can also be deployed allowing simultaneous testing operations to be conducted (e.g. wellhead integrity testing on one well and annulus integrity testing on another).

A wireless zone-1 hazardous area tablet is used by the operator to input pre-test information (client, asset, well number, etc.) and initiate the test process. The UniLogger then saves a local copy of the test data , before generating a detailed report which is immediately available for analysis and distribution.

Unilogger Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Developed specifically for Well Integrity Testing applications
  • Allows simultaneous testing operations to be conducted reducing test durations
  • Fully ATEX certified
  • Modular design allows additional sensors and operator display tablets to be connected for increased testing efficiency
  • Instant availability of detailed test reports for analysis and distribution
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Testing Pass/Fail automation
  • Digital testing ensures consistent, secure and accurate test data