QV Wellhead Components


QV Xmas Tree Spares Overview

Our QV range of accessories and spares is a key component of our commitment to driving down costs and helping to reduce the operational footprint of the oil industry.

Unity has a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide variety of different OEM’s wellhead equipment. We have contracts to provide services on over 1000 wellheads and we have turned that experience into know-how, developing the QV range of accessories and spares, designed to enhance the performance of OEM Xmas Trees.

We have an established track record of designing new or adapted QV equipment for our customers. Just a few examples include enhanced tie down bolts and secondary mechanical sealing solutions, suspension flanges, retrofit gates and seats for multiple styles of valve blocks and Xmas Trees.

QV Xmas Tree Spares Benefits

  • Reduced Cost – QV Xmas Tree & Wellhead spares and ancillaries are typically 30-40% less than OEM.
  • Short Lead Times – Lead times for Unity’s QV equipment and spares are typically 70%  shorter. As parts can be replenished quickly, critical inventories can be reduced, releasing your working capital for value-adding activities.
  • No Vendor Lock In – Vendor lock-in is inefficient and rarely to the customer’s advantage. We recognize that fact and will ensure that switching is easy.
  • Superior Quality – Latest in manufacturing techniques, materials and coating technologies, allows us to provide a superior product.

QV Tie Down Bolt Overview

Unity’s tie-down bolt is designed to provide enhanced sealing functionality.

The design consists of an internal packing element that gives a greater sealing footprint, as well as a backup outer seal ring, which acts as an independent contingency seal. An additional sealant pumping port feature can be added if required.

Key Features:

  • Outer face seal assembly can be changed without disturbing the main packing element.
  • Packing element can be re-torqued during service to ensure continued seal integrity.
  • Fully hydrostatic and gas tested.
  • Design in accordance with API 6A, verified by an independent body.

QV Tie Down Bolt Benefits

  • Reduction in Operational Costs – Prevents multiple bolt change outs and the associated high cost, by providing more robust sealing capabilities than other tie down bolts on the market.
  • Improved Integrity – Multiple sealing functions reduces the risk of future leaks and larger packing seal footprint ensures higher tolerance against damaged seal bores.
  • Increased Service Life – Made from corrosion resistant alloys and coatings for increased lifespan.

QV Spools and Adaptor Flanges

Unity’s wellhead spools and adaptor flanges provide bespoke solutions for aging assets and decommissioning.

Our spools and adaptors are a cost effective solution when overcoming issues connecting modern well intervention and decommissioning equipment to aging wellheads. We can provide a full range of adaptors from standard connections to bespoke design and can deliver these solutions in up to 75% shorter lead times than market standard.