P&A Wellhead Integrity Verification


Our Wellhead Integrity Verification Programme is a crucial preparatory Phase 0 undertaking for operators of platform wells looking to avoid unplanned downtime, cost overruns and risk during P&A operations.

The programme provides a full health check of your wellhead and near-surface equipment, prior to P&A, and delivers value throughout the entire decom process:

  1. Saves unplanned costs
  2. Reduces risk and downtime
  3. Reduces man hours and resources
  4. Identifies potential risks and hazards for safer operations

Our programme is divided into three stages and provides detailed data and evidence reporting on the integrity of your equipment, plus recommendations for remediation work.

A: Annulus Integrity Verification – Our annulus verification ensures the A,B and C annuli and associated components are in good condition and free of integrity issues which could impact later operations.

B: Barrier Verification – Barrier verification assesses the internal and external condition of the Xmas Tree and all individual parts.

C: Condition and Access Verification – This evaluates internal and external access to the well via the Xmas Tree and around the wellbay to ensure there are no obstructions.


To complement these services, we can utilise a range of in-stock well testing and pressure control equipment, wellhead components and our QV range of spares. We also employ our own unique technology solutions to drive efficiency and value including:

  1. Surface Intervention System
  2. Compact Shear-Seal BOP valve
  3. Replacement QV actuators
  4. Annulus Lubrication Filling valve
  5. Compact Valve Removal tool
  6. Tiedown bolts
  7. Bridge plugs
  8. Additive manufactured parts
  9. QV spares
  10. Suspension flanges

When standard solutions are not the answer, our team of in-house engineers are able to quickly solve complex challenges. Examples include the provision of lock open tooling for actuators or the supply of running and retrieval tools for tubing or casing hangers when original equipment manufacturer versions become obsolete or unavailable.

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