Our highly skilled in-house engineers are focused on R&D and new technology development to address the multiple well integrity challenges that operators with mature assets are currently facing.

We have already conceived a number of innovative and cost-effective solutions and developed our own range of products in response to these challenges.

One such technology, that is significantly enhancing our field services and reducing costs for our clients, is our unique Surface Intervention System. This is available through our rentals division and has been engineered in-house to provide the operator with a highly versatile, low cost and compact technology to quickly perform a variety of near-surface intervention operations. It provides an alternative and more suitable option for smaller offshore projects, compared to deploying conventional well intervention systems. Its lightweight size and two-person operation is ideal for performing multiple shallow tasks including gate valve milling, cleanout, inspection, shallow plug setting, installation of xmas tree saver sleeves and tree removal. This is the first and only system of its kind and offers huge benefits to the oil and gas industry.

Our technology

Our technology solutions

  • QV Conductor Integrity range – wellhead stabilising and centralising clamps, conductor repair clamps, conductor positioning tool, cleaning, observation and inspection tools
  • Surface Intervention System – a unique, low-cost, shallow intervention system able to perform multiple operations such as milling, cleanout, inspection, installation and removal of tree savers and sleeves, plug setting and tree removal
  • Xmas Tree Sleeves
  • QV Xmas Tree Actuators
  • QV Xmas Tree components range
  • QV Mechanical Sealing Solutions – tie-down bolt sealing caps and enhanced tie down bolts
  • Annulus Lubrication and Filling (ALF) tool for top ups, annulus monitoring and leak detection
  • Abandonment Solutions – temporary abandonment cap removal tool (TACRT) and temporary abandonment cap test tool (TACTT)

The company is always developing new solutions to help minimise operator downtime, ensure well integrity and maximise productivity.

Perpetual Innovation

Our new technology focus is driven by the market’s needs to modernise and reduce cost. The future will see Unity continue to innovate in this area, looking at smarter ways of working, smarter equipment, oilfield digitalisation, compact solutions and additive manufacturing which can revolutionise lead times for the supply of spare parts and minimise platform wellbay space requirements.