Unity’s adaptor system enables rapid replacement of wellhead gate-valve actuator for North Sea operator

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nity has developed a cross-over adaptor system to enable our universal wellhead gate-valve actuators to be installed without removing the existing bonnet and breaking well containment. This allows operators to replace obsolete, failed or end-of-life actuators quickly and without costly intervention and plug setting operations.

We recently undertook a project of this nature for an operator in the North Sea. The well was shut in due to an actuator failure and the next planned intervention campaign was a number of months away. However, Unity’s universal actuator and cross-over adaptor solution, supported by the company’s rapid well integrity service, allowed the operator to have fully assembled and factory tested modules supplied and fitted offshore within three weeks. This delivered huge savings by avoiding months of lost production and costly intervention work, compared to conventional methods.

Project turnaround was completed in just nine working days onshore, followed by a 24 hour offshore installation:

  • Order placed – Day 1.
  • Otis bonnet cross-over designed and manufactured.
  • Actuator assembled, tested, and painted.
  • Onshore trial fit and function test on old Christmas tree – Day 8
  • Complete system delivered offshore – Day 9.
  • 24 hour offshore install and test: Unity technicians arrive offshore, strip down old actuator, install cross-over adaptor system and new actuator, then fully test the new system – Day 15-16.

This is the sixth North Sea operator to benefit from Unity’s actuator technology and we are delighted to have received multiple repeat orders.

Find out more about Unity’s universal gate-valve QV Actuators here: https://unitywell.com/solutions/qv-actuators/

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