Compact Valve Removal (CVR) Tool Builds Offshore Track Record

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Unity’s Compact Valve Removal (CVR) tool has been deployed on multiple offshore projects over the last six months, delivering outstanding performance in the field. Recently, following 3rd party inspection and approval, it supported a North Sea P&A campaign by removing stuck VR plugs from a number of aged wellheads.

The CVR tool, from our compact well integrity technology range, has been designed to set or remove VR plugs in cramped wellbays, using short, easy to handle, 10” telescopic rods, which provide a reach of over 4ft. The tool can set a plug to isolate the valves on the wellhead so they can be removed, replaced and pressure tested, or it can be used to remove old, stuck plugs, which is a common wellhead integrity issue on many ageing assets.

Unity’s CVR tool has the highest torque rating of all comparable compact tools, delivering an impressive 1200 lb/ft. This means that even those plugs that have been stuck in-situ for around 20 years can often be removed by us mechanically, without having to resort to expensive alternatives.

The CVR tool is operated manually without the need for a bulky hydraulic supply, simplifying the operation and further reducing the footprint. An accessories kit is also available which extends the functionality, e.g. for internal profile cleaning or tapping and camera inspection operations. The tool sockets are available in multiple sizes to suit any job and the flanged connection is interchangeable to accommodate any valve outlet.  The design can be adapted to respond quickly to different wellhead equipment and client requirements. The CVR requires just one operative, is designed to API 6A specification and is suitable for gas and sour service conditions.

Wellhead maintenance in tight spaces and narrow well bays is a common challenge, which can impact on the cost of a project if access proves difficult. The choice of available products to meet this challenge is limited, so Unity has developed a range of new solutions which promise to improve efficiency and reduce cost and risk for operators.

Please get in touch to find out more about our compact solutions and how we can help with your individual challenges:

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