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Improving the economic recovery of hydrocarbon reserves and extending the life of oil and gas fields is vital to the continued production of mature basins. The introduction of new technology and innovative solutions, that can increase production rate and recovery, enables assets to operate past their originally planned lifespan and deliver incremental financial performance.

Unity provides products, technology and services to ensure the integrity of your well in this new period of enhanced production.

Our specialist experience in integrity challenges has been gained through close collaboration with our clients and an in-depth understanding of their challenges. This expertise provides solution-driven products and services, which ensure the integrity of your wells.

Company Background

Unity was formed through the combination of Well-Centric and Simmons Edeco Europe in December 2018.

A FrontRow Energy Technology Group company, Unity is the UK's largest independent supplier of well integrity services, with operations in Aberdeen and Great Yarmouth in the UK, and Esbjerg in Denmark. It employs around 120 members of staff across its three locations.

Simmons Edeco Europe, a division of its larger Canadian owned international parent group, was highly recognised for its wellhead maintenance work, both offshore and on land. Well-Centric had a complementary well integrity service offering, which importantly included proprietary technology designed to reduce operating costs, extend well life and simplify abandonment. The two companies shared a number of excellent synergies and were a natural fit. The combined entity now trades under the brand name Unity.

Together, there is a high level of expertise and an excellent track record of experience working with all types of wellhead equipment, regardless of the original manufacturer. The combination is a stronger, more resilient market player, with a full-service capability and a growing technology portfolio. A strong base from which to grow the business in Europe and beyond.

As a dynamic independent provider, the company is obsessive about the quality and speed of its work and determined to help its customers assure the integrity of their wells while reducing costs.