Compact Valve Removal Tool – CVR


Compact Valve Removal Tool (CVR) Overview

  • Unity’s CVR Tool installs and removes Valve Removal (VR) plugs using a lead screw mechanism. The tool is hand operated using a hand wheel to drive a lead screw. A conventional bolt torque system is used to drive the VR plugs in or out of the VR profile.
  • The CVR can achieve 1200 lb/ft torque and can be operated safely using standard hydraulic equipment at higher torque requirements.

Compact Valve Removal Tool (CVR) Benefits

  • Modular design allows tool to be transported and assembled on site
  • Compact design to permit use in tight spaces
  • Low pressure air supply required for operation
  • Mechanical operations for easy use without additional hydraulic pressure unit
  • Modular flange system with various flange sizes and types available upon request
  • Various sizes of sockets to suit client requirement upon request


Tool Dimensions

31.3″ x 9.6″ x 18″

Rod (each)

10.5″ x 1.75″ Diameter

Tool Reach

Multiple valves

Working Pressure

5000 PSI

Max Torque

1200 ft/lb

Applicable Standards

API 6A, NACE MR0175, in accordance with ATEX Directive, M/C Directive, PED (If Applicable)

Material Certification Requirements

Per API 6A, 3.1 Material Certification

Product Specification Level

Relevant for API 6A equipment

Gas service

Temperature Requirements

API 6A Temperature Class U (-18 to +121 deg C)

Service Conditions

H2S Sour Service