QV Actuators


QV Actuators Overview

Unity’s high-performance, QV Actuator is part of our QV Wellhead Components Range.

  • Unity’s hydraulically operated, failsafe QV Actuator is available in a range of common sizes with both wire cutting and non-wire cutting capability. QV Actuators are API Monogrammed in compliance with API 6a 21st Edition and tested to PR2F.
  • When coupled with an innovative cross-over adaptor system, our universal gate valve actuators can be installed on any gate valve without removing the existing bonnet and breaking well containment. This allows operators to replace obsolete, failed or end-of-life actuators quickly, without costly intervention and plug setting operations.

QV Actuators Benefits

  • Universal Design – Ideal for replacing any OEM gate valve actuator, this hydraulically powered, modular device will fit any type of xmas tree.
  • Reduced Lead Times – Our Actuator can be delivered in less than half the typical lead time and provides significant cost savings and lasting reliability.
  • Flexibility – The Actuator is suited to a range of gate valve sizes and both wire cutting and non wire cutting versions are available.
  • Improved Performance – Modern engineering and manufacturing processes, combined with the latest coatings and materials, provide enhanced reliability, extend operational life and increase integrity.